Frequently Asked Questions


The available event tickets are listed in the Event Calendar. The ticket options will show you the official points of sale.

Please note D.LIVE’s advice on purchasing tickets through secondary ticket markets.

You will usually be informed in advance by the ticket service provider or the organiser if an event is cancelled.

If an event is cancelled, ticket prices will usually be refunded. Please contact the respective ticket office where you purchased the tickets.

For all events at our venues, the combined ticket of Düsseldorf Rheinbahn is included in the ticket price. This means that a return trip to the event in 2nd class is free of charge in the entire VRR network upon presentation of the ticket.

It depends on the respective event and the associated organiser whether tickets are personalised or not. For more details, please contact the organiser.

The procedure for lost tickets may vary by event. For more details, please contact the ticket portal or the event organiser. This applies to both standard tickets and VIP tickets.

Purchased tickets cannot be returned or exchanged.

The box office is operated by the organiser. For more details, please contact the respective organiser.

This may vary by event and depends on the respective organiser. This information is frequently available in the ticket portal.

For more details, please contact the organiser.

Tickets for people with disabilities, such as wheelchair users, are not sold through the hall but may be purchased directly from the respective organiser. In some cases, tickets may also be purchased via a ticket hotline of the respective ticket portals. Ticket prices usually include a seat for an accompanying person.

This depends on the respective organiser. For more details, please contact the organiser or the ticket portal.

You will find verified resale platforms on the websites of many ticket providers.

Please note D.LIVE’s advice on purchasing tickets via secondary ticket markets.

Standard tickets are sold via the respective organisers and the ticket portals.

You may purchase VIP tickets via PSD BANK DOME. Choose between business seats and exclusive box tickets. For selected DEG home games, you may purchase upgrades to regular tickets, our VIP Booster. Get more detailed information on VIP business seat and VIP box rentals.

In conjunction with a ticket, you also have the option of purchasing a parking ticket prior to your arrival. Find the available parking tickets in our Event Calendar

For possible pre-sales, check the websites of the respective organisers and ticket portals.

Ticket vouchers are sold via the respective ticket portals.

Arrival & Parking

Get to PSD BANK DOME comfortably by bicycle, motorcycle, tram or car. Find all information on how to get there here.

There is no parking specifically designated for motorcycles at PSD BANK DOME. There are parking facilities for bicycles directly at the DOME.

There is no overnight parking. The parking facilities usually close 1 1/2 hours after the end of the event.

You may buy parking tickets for the underground car park under PSD BANK DOME in advance here.

There are no parking spaces specifically reserved for motorhomes at PSD BANK DOME.

The parking fee in the underground car park is EUR 10. The parking fee in the car parks is EUR 7.

There is no taxi rank at PSD BANK DOME. However, taxis do stop in the immediate vicinity of the DOME on Theodorstraße.

If you want to combine your visit to PSD BANK DOME with a stay in Düsseldorf, you can find all the important information here.

Accessible parking is available in car park P1 on the ground floor.

For more information on your barrier-free visit, please see the Accessibillity page.

Your visit

According to the Youth Protection Act, children and young people under 16 years of age may only attend events ending after 10 pm if accompanied by an adult guardian. Occasionally, rules may differ at specific events. More detailed information is available in the Event Calendar and from the respective organisers.

Find more information on youth protection at our venues in the Admission & Security section.

The possibility of Meet & Greet varies at the events. Some ticket portals offer specials. Please contact the relevant ticket portal or the event organiser.

You may usually enter even after the event has started. Please contact the staff on site.

It depends on the event whether photographs and video may be taken at an event. Please contact the respective organiser.

Bringing posters, signs and the like is usually permitted. In some cases, the rules may differ. Please contact the respective organiser.

Early admission is not possible. However, there is a separate entrance for people with disabilities and people with limited mobility.

Your ticket will show your tier and seat.
You will find maps both on site and online showing you where your seat is located at PSD BANK DOME.

Unfortunately baby changing rooms are located exclusively in the women’s toilets.

Please contact the respective organiser.


PSD BANK DOME offers barrier-free access. However, the upper tier is not suitable for people with disabilities and people with limited mobility. If you have any questions, please contact us at info(at) or visit our Accessibility page.

Barrier-free toilets are located on the ground floor, on the 1st upper floor and in the Business Club. They can all be reached by lift and are equipped with the Euro key.

Accessible parking is available on the ground floor of car park P1.

Early admission is not possible. However, there is a separate entrance for people with disabilities and people with limited mobility.

House Rules

Bags and backpacks larger than DIN A4 size may not be taken into PSD BANK DOME. The respective organiser may issue additional bans.

Smoking is not permitted at PSD BANK DOME. For more details, please refer to the House Rules.

All prohibited items are listed in our House Rules.


At PSD BANK DOME, we offer food & drinks during events. From the start of admission, you will find kiosks in our foyers, which will be open until the end of the events.

Product information is available at the kiosks. Contact our staff for more information.

Food and drinks may usually be taken inside. For different rules, please refer to the respective details in the Event Calendar.

You may bring your own food and drinks to events if medically necessary. Please refer to our House Rules for more details.


We accept all common payment methods at the concession stands at PSD BANK DOME. This includes cash, EC card/credit card, mobile payments etc. There is no ATM on site.

If any problems arise, please contact the security staff on site.

The event organiser usually has the authority to grant accreditation. We will be happy to forward your accreditation request. Contact us at presse(at)

The well-being of our guests is our absolute priority, so your feedback is very important to us. Contact us at info(at)

Find all the information about Corporate Events here or at corporate(at)

Please e-mail us at VIP(at)

You can find all current events at PSD BANK DOME in our Event Calendar.

PSD BANK DOME does not offer public Wi-Fi.

Find all information about postponed events in our Event Calendar.

You will find a large selection of sightseeing offers in Düsseldorf here.

All information about sponsoring and advertising at PSD BANK DOME can be found here.